Zara bachke, zara HATKE, ye hai mumbai meri jaan!


Patience, first read
Patience, first read

As i walk past the overhead pedestrian bridges of the railway station, some rare and exclusive personages to see are always a class apart. Precisely, corner apart, crowd apart and economically apart! – bhikari (beggar).

I met a normal person (a train commuter) just here, rushing and panting, up the stairs towards the other extreme of the bridge. After penetrating through the huge crowd, he slowed down and from his wallet extracted some coins to fill his hand.

Further, just as he passed any of the beggar, he offered him a coin with tremendous honesty, irrespective of the value the coin beared. I just kept staring, so to say!

To my observation, he almost filled the hands of 6 poor people. And that, that created a careless curiosity, for a stranger!

I some how made my way towards him, and curtly asked with a blushing smile,”Uncle aap ye roz karte ho?” (Do you do this daily?)

He replied,”Jitne chutte paise hote hai, ghar jaate jaate inko de deta hu.” (All the change i have, i happily give it to these people everyday before going home.”

I was taken aback by his answer. It left me in an awe for a minute. All my curiosity turned to respect, truly! I just ended,”Uncle, duniya me ache log bhi hai.” (This world also has good people.)

The best part about this stranger was that, he was just doing this for himself. He had no justification for this godly act. But he wanted to do it, and he was doing it! Thats the point!

Good things do not always need a reason for implementation.

So, Get influenced, by these people! Find them, you’ll get for sure!
Keep your eyes MIND open!
Be different, explore, enjoy and live! Thats me -!-!-!- (thanks for reading)



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