D S R V B..

A considerate flash of many dreams being passed, echoes of the linguistic significance of mumbai apart, what I still retain is nothing but moments of great memories, its eternity, and so today, it’s nostalgia!

I am really very anxious about missing my school days!
Those beautiful days. Yes my school days!

There was a time when all aspirants for SSC, were in the deepest thought of freedom after boards!
So to say, we were all carrying the same wavelength! We could just not see anything beyond holidays!

Today when we are through, what happens to me is this!

Today, when I see myself, I am just speechless, thoughtless and prudent!

I wait for hours for the phone to ring!
Someone with whom I could have a really boy kinda talk!
Some really close friends,
Both by distance and relation!

I wait for those little lame jokes which used to be told to me before everyone and then publicly, given that I acted as a censor.

I miss those rare moments, when even the teacher was a part of the class! Whether it was fun, nonsense or academics!

I miss those cute little breaks, which were obviously heaven, and dare anyone who snatched it away from us!

I miss it, a lot, a lot , a lot!

That was life yaar!

School days were the best days,
No today can bring me back those days,
I am very emotional now,
I should say,
But after penning it all down,
I just dumped nostalgia away ,
Nostalgia away!

Thanks for reading!
Thats me -!-!-!-



17 thoughts on “Nostalgia!

  1. I remember my school days for the friends I had. I wasn’t popular at all, but those who weren’t popular either adopted me and made a place for me, and to this day I am grateful for them. That was 12 years ago, and I don’t keep in touch with anybody anymore but one person, but we talk to each other like we are old now, lol. I learned a piece of peace and acceptance can make up a lot. I enjoyed this peace, being an introspective person.

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    1. I appreciate you for sharing your holistic views about the topic! Thansk a lot for commenting
      And yes, those days r gone, none can bring them back!
      If someone can, then it’s you, in memory/dream or just a sight!


  2. It just brought back those wonderful days in front of my eyes. Very well written. Each word portrays the emotions so very well. ๐Ÿ™‚ Most lovable days…!! โค

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  3. Bhaii ….school ki yaad dila di ! Time moves on , people also moves on , but memories are stored at those tym ,,,,and whenever we remind those memories tym moves back

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