One story!

The one which brings a tear into the eye, a stagnation to all the thoughts,
sets all emotions to retard, thats a story!
Your own story!
Your life story!

That story gives strength, surely its the reason for your determination,
It is not just a story, but an endless shore of tides keeping you hooked at the motion,
And I just want that story, to be realized by all my mates!
I ain’t talking about my story people,
It’s your story, which I would like to know today!

If you dont have a story, make it.
If you dont have a reason to keep you going, create it.
It’s necessary.

Everyone has a story,
Just dabble in your past,
Words will flow and thoughts wont cease!

Very eager to know your stories.
Feel free to share!
Thats me -!-!-!-

(contact page always there to help u out)


24 thoughts on “One story!

  1. A white page,this is how we all began our life with.Some people leaves a stray of glitters in this and some spill a ink so intense it took centuries for us to remove all the ink it has scattered.we all have that page in our hands,we all have that courage to decorate it with magics of our hearts,We can all make stories,that are so suave that even stars bow down to its ecstasy.

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  2. One girl. One boy. Everything changes. And they are nothing… Coz the world doesn’t approve… So they drift apart, with a promise that they’ll be united one day, in a place where people won’t judge and comment and will let them be…. In the lands of love and a land that is as beautiful as beautiful could be, they’d meet there, as their souls leave this materialistic world…. Into that heaven…. They’d live their happily ever after….

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  3. Ok you’re eager to know my story? But i am a lazy writer busy writing it in my brains. I try to pen some but the stories kind of have some unrelated branches. This is why writing makes me seem like a confused bull. I’m sure going to find myself soon as I devore your blog to inspire mine too. Thanks for the care and the like.

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  4. Everybody’s story is important. The awesome thing is that they aren’t finished; from this moment to the next we wake up, there’s another page in it. I used to keep a journal before things got so raw I couldn’t put down the good without dying over the bad, but blogging is a way of giving my inner child an ink pen again and saying “Go for it, little one; you’re not dead, you’re going to resurrect, if you want to. It’s worth a try, isn’t it?” Really connected with this!

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      1. Lady will do, lol I intend to use this blog for the courage to put a face to my name as soon as possible, too! It’s a shame to see people so free to do so and be held back. I will be sending Replies out to you again, I really enjoy your subject matter!

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  5. Yeap! rightly caught Bro. Everyone has a story to tell. Some keep it on their own but some reveal it out. Want to work with you. Hope we can come out with those stories.

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  6. One day I met a souffle of cloud- saturated, ready to be poured down… Wondering, I asked them the worth of this futile life which reaches its climax as soon as it grows to saturation of youth only to end up as a form of scattered droplets… They stopped, turned, smiled and replied, “It’s a fact that we only grow young to serve our beloved holy creatures of cosmos; perhaps the story of our life is not that much of a grand, long and full of sparks but as per us, a life which is dedicated to serve other, can beat at easy that of any superhero’s. Our physical existence may come at an end with our plunge but the indebted remembrance of mankind keeps us immortal.”

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  7. Stories are meant to be read… understand… Realize… N finally forgotten… After all most of the stories make us think ..think deep…making us sad deep in thoughts… Forgetting them isnt bad …but forgetting them before learning definately is…well written🙌

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