When Tuesday is round the corner,
I realize the need to start writing for the blog,
Always its some message in here,
Today its a poem for you peer!

I’ve amended a thought in my mind,
It says, the blog will be updated in a  fortnight by now on,
Thoughts found a refuge in the head it seems,
It will take time to extract my dreams!

After writing a few posts,
I am without matter, words and stories,
I’ll end this here, this series,
Nothing more can i fill in this to please!

Will keep you updated,
Make me known about some topics,
Ones which will be a pleasure to read,
I’ll cover them for sure, my next fulfilling deed!

Well, no reading fee,
Thats me -!-!-!-

(contact page always there to help u out)


5 thoughts on “Alert!

  1. Umm…u may write upon some current affairs..ur opinions on dat..mayb something like dat..or some watsapp grup reviews😂hehe..Vaise sorry for reading the blog late this tym Was busy wid my exams

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