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Living the moment!

(Those who find it too long to read, locate the word hypothetically and start from there)

You encounter new obstacles every minute. You learn from your mistakes every hour. You feel happy for someone may be everyday. In all these experiences of life, the protagonist is undoubtedly YOU, but the cast and crew never remains the same. Everyday everything that happens may be along with or because of someone, anyone or the same one! But you do remember all the contingent people, whichever dealt with.

The reason is quite simple. They are worth it for the moment, and, the moment is all that matters!
By worth it, I implicitly mean to say that for that particular moment, they and only they, are with you to share your ecstasy, sorrow and offer condolence.
And only they can make that moment special.
If they are with you right now, right now is all that matters!

Living the moment, being a part of it, leaving into oblivion the quality of being profusely circumspect, is all I want to say!
And to make that happen, you need to know to forgive people and move on.
Because if you don’t, every time you see people who have let you down, you will ruin your present moment due to something that happened in retrospect.

Hypothetically, you are out with your family for dinner after a very long time,
and you happen to see your ex-bestfriend who betrayed you by letting out all your secrets (many of them – faked) and ridiculing you in front of the whole class, because of which you lost all your school friends and even your girlfriend broke up after learning that you were worse than she expected, and that your ex-bestfriend was far better than you!

Too long a sentence, but I needed to spit it out without a full stop!

Jokes apart, you feel extremely disturbed at the sight of that person, and stay quiescent so that no family person finds out.
Your ex-bestfriend on the contrary is enjoying by leaps and bounds and is totally irrespective and indifferent of you being there.

You spoil your time with your family just because you are still hurt for the incident that happened long back and your ex-bf didn’t find it necessary to apologize to you yet!

If you would have forgiven him, just look at how things would have been!
You would confess to your class that yes you were a guy like what your ex-bf described and that everyone has secrets so no big deal. You would be confident to tell people to accept you as you are. You could tell your girlfriend that if she just blindly believed what your ex-bf told, she was insane and that it was never love between them.

You would have enjoyed that night with your family which you were longing for!
And, everything would have been just in place!
But only if you forgived and moved on!

Remember, I just said forgive, I never said FORGET!
Its for you to figure out why!!!

Thats me -!-!-!-
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81 thoughts on “FORGIVE but never FORGET!

  1. Forgiving is easy, really. Just realize you put a lot of your time and efforts into a very one sided friendship. It’s wasn’t real. Helluva way to find out you were fridends with the wrong person, but such is life. This one of the many ways life forces you to live and learn. And time makes everyone’s bad behavior easier to deal with. Ten…20 years from now this incident be completely irrelevant in your life. High school and college lay the adulthood and responsibilities put up the walls anywhere you want to place them. The roof and landscaping? Just rewards for growing up and surviving it.

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  2. Letting go is really hard but it is important. I feel a heavy weight on my heart when someone I am not speaking with someone I love. The relief that comes when we make up is always worth it.

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  3. To err is human, to forgive is divine, for many years that phrase gave me the feeling of a nail being scored on a blackboard but, as time advances, you realise holding grudges, holds you back, when, really, you want to go forward. So forgiveness is a release from the negatives of the past that can hold you back and memories that recall those negative thoughts are just hooks to draw you in, again

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  4. I’m sorry to read that, hypothetically, the person in the story had their best friend hurt them like that. They were probably just very immature. There was a time when I hurt one of my friends by accident…due to a cultural misunderstanding on my part. It was really a stupid thing to lose a friend over, but for her it was the end. I mean, really, who gives up their friend over jiggling a bathroom door when they are supposed to hold it?!! Well, a 7th grader would. The girl was Korean, and I was ignorant, and thought it would be a funny thing to tease her a bit…after all what is a little teasing between friends. For her it was the end; now, as an adult, I understand that she probably felt that I did not respect her privacy, and she couldn’t trust me. I tell you, I chased my friend around school for 2 weeks straight apologizing and it did no good whatsoever. Even many many years later I regret that small bit of teasing, but there is nothing that I can do about it. I did all I could at the time, but even if you apologize to someone they may not forgive, and even if you forgive, they may never apologize. Some people just don’t know how. However, forgiving is what God commands, and it is for our sake that he gives the command, not for the sake of the person we are forgiving. It is so that we can move forward and focus on Him instead of our pain and anger, and so that we may know His joy in our lives. As you pointed out in your story being unforgiving robs us of our joy in life! Good job conveying that idea. And to forget is to possibly repeat the same mistake.

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      1. Your second sentence is indeed irrefutable!

        Someone who made you sad, i think you can forgive him/her the same way as u did for anger. Just the difference that will occur is, it’ll take more time to forgive!

        Or maybe you give that person who made you feel sad a chance to explain! Things myt not be so sad then!

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  5. Right you are. There is much ugliness in the world and in my own life, but I don’t want to see myself or anyone else murder the beauty now and ahead trying to excise the horror and guilt of a past that’s untouchable now. “Letting it go”… well, wherever it goes is the only way to embrace a day by day. Forgetting is only of God, I don’t have access to the same sea of forgetfulness He does.

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  6. Yesss, this type of persons can be found in any hangout group in India who find more please to mind other’s business than their own… I’m not saying that most of the people are like the same; no, they are only 1 in 10 or perhaps the difference of the rational numbers would be even more but even one out of hundred of this kind of people is enough to squeeze and through the emotional and psychological bonding of the gang in to morass.

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      1. Without any doubt I’ll surely do so. And you know one more thing, those people gathers courage and enthusiasm from our rendering importance to their mindless activities. If we people just remain nonchalant to their interference, their brilliant ideas are sure to be dried out for want of fertilizer.

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      2. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ now then don’t make me astonished by claiming that in spite of being Indian you haven’t ever encountered with this kind of versatile geniuses. And yah to say about the blog, after all you are the torchbearer… πŸ˜‰

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  7. Hello i am a new blogger.just started writing and will be overwhelmed and inspired if you inspire me and by reading my blogs.please tell my my mistakes and i am daily reader of your blogs and a big admirer of you.

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  8. I guess we should forgive and forget both.(Opinions may differ!!)
    We shld forgive so that the person can interospect himself and find his mistake.We should forget because we never know why that person would have done that thing and in what situation that person must have done it.But i never say do not learn from it. Because for me forgetting means moving ahead with a lesson learned in life.

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  9. Truly appreciated bro !! Only u and your self could make you happy or sad, it total depends on how u react on a situation or act in a situation , so do what ever you want to do man! just stay happy , life is to short to take revenges or be sad , and take every moment in your life as a lesson it will just cherish you:D

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