When many enjoyed a glass of wine, some shared a cup of smile.

Cup of smile.jpg
Serving the ones who served you!

(Although its very long, I insist you to take time and read. If you read the whole of it, thanks in advance.)

On the new year eve what do you do?
You might have a hundred answers, isn’t it? But let me keep you informed, the answer I have is surely not among yours.

When everyone expend their concluding time of the year with loved ones, special ones or acquaintances, if you do not do something exclusive and rarefied, you are not among my first choices! I am not very serious but yes, reasonably serious.

So my answer to the aforementioned question can be illustrated as follows-

The great human force that has pardoned all their time for us,
Who are like air – their presence is not significant, but you cant survive if they’re absent.
They are to serve you everywhere, train, station, signal, bus,
We have just paid them back for the work which was immensely magnificent.

We spent this new year offering ‘a cup of smile’. We offered all policemen cups of hot ‘cutting’ tea starting from chowpatty to nariman point. Woah, that’s just the whole queens necklace, 5 kms long for road commuters. With tea kettles and cups in hand, anyone could have misjudged us and thus decreed us as ‘chay waalas (tea seller)’. We were just 15 volunteers, but we felt the potential we had to make a difference. The experience was completely from a new circle of my life.

Cup of smile kettle.jpg
The exact view! Kettle, cup, us!

And thus, I said, my answer is the one you dont have.

We served almost 450 cops working relentlessly for public safety and traffic ease within the belt. We wore a tag ‘a cup of smile’ on our t-shirt which set us apart from the infinite crowd. Marathi was essentially the language which policemen understood but when it’s good work and altruism, it speaks it all per se. When you offer hot tea at the spot of duty to fatigued policemen, the only way they reciprocate is with a smile. And that stimulated us to be initiative driven and motivated us for 3 long and tiring hours. We made somebody’s day and that feeling meant everything to us. That feeling, just that feeling. If at all did it stay longer, I wish!

Onlookers acknowledged our deed and wow was the feeling. A passer by elatedly said,”aap bhot acha kaam kar rahe ho (you are doing a great job)”. He even took a snap with us. That selfie made me an instant celebrity, I felt. Just kidding.
Pride took the better of me and I was very proud about it. Initially 750 cups and at the end we were left with just 50. That’s what was the mission, yes, mission accomplished. That feeling, just that feeling. If at all did it stay longer, I wish!

There were instances when people misconstrued us and asked for cigarettes but when we told them what we were doing, all they could say was sorry and guilt took them away.

A policemen was cathartical about his day, exchanging his encounters with terrible drunkards. It was the first time in my life, I felt I could TALK, converse with a cop. Share experiences, offer condolence and what not! That feeling, just that feeling. If at all did it stay longer, I wish!

People also enquired about the NGO we were working for and it was incredulous for them that we were just executing a friendly and non-commercial initiative.
The things winded up very well with everyone happy, and we all headed back home.

Cup of smile grup pic.jpg
Even few can make a difference!

Its new year today, and it began beautifully. I desire that the aesthetic prevails throughout the year. I wish you a very happy new year, a pompous and successful year ahead. Take this as my reply to your whatsapp msg or just my greeting for 2k16.

Thats me -!-!-!-
(contact page always there to help u out)


35 thoughts on “When many enjoyed a glass of wine, some shared a cup of smile.

  1. Thumbs up! This kind of involvement brings happiness to you and others. It’s a win-win situation. If we could only out kind each other like this, then faith to humanity restored. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. You stand for what America needs the most, now more than ever (especially considering the decaying daily, political climate). You did something on New Year’s Eve which was (to borrow your own words) “exclusive’ and “rarefied”… and that is rare these days. You have contributed (in a major way) towards the betterment of our society. Keep on serving up those cups of smiles… be they figurative or literal. And since you cannot see me… I’ll just tell you that reading your inspirational blog put a smile on my face. PS… Your blog was/is not too long!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes bro this what u have taught others as well as u have learnt.It is ur first step that probably will make people run in that direction.
    Keep it up bro.
    And wear that smile as always

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The title says it all.. I could feel all those non verbal emotions through your writing.. This is the beginning of something new and big.. It was a small step for you but it definitely is a huge leap for the mankind.. That notion of just getting wasted on the new year’s eve has been shaken.. Not everyone has the guts to do so and moreover implement it..

    Liked by 1 person

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