It’s more about being observant!

One day I’ll be renown, successful, happy and affluent says every person when in a determined state of mind. This composure, demureness and the eagle’s vision is restrained only for a particular timespan. Ask yourself why?!Transiently, everything fades off.

Today I behold a honored and wealthy businessman and thus say I’ll do everything I can to become rich.
Tomorrow when I find happiness in fame, I favour that part of life. Synonymously, one day I see some engineer working for the society, and I desire to resemble his type of work someday.

So should I deduce ourselves to be highly swerving and susceptible to change kind of people? Because I DREAM A NEW DREAM EVERYDAY, I WISH A NEW WISH EVERYDAY?

Downcast eyes! Low confidence! But thinking


I kept on brooding over that simple question, as if asking it for umpteenth time would beget an answer.
Incredulously, even some proverbs, which never turned up when paramountly required, now started ridiculing me – try and try till you succeed. (LOL)

Believe me, I got nothing even close to an answer, and nothing even happened voluntarily though, towards acuating myself in one direction.

The only thing that I was damn sure about and could award as an answer was that all this was a due virtue of adolescence. (I’m 16 btw)

Frantically in the quest of getting a robust answer and to confirm the veracity of my last reachable answer, I enquired about the same to a VIP in my life. A VIT in my life.

He commenced by saying, “BETA, change the perspective and none can haul the answer away from you.” That was even his statement of finality!

I mulled over it. I contemplated his opinion and tried to execute the one change he said – perspective!

It’s in adolescence that you can like everything around you. It’s not about deducing how uncharacteristically are you behaving presently, but it’s about keeping your eyes open and absorbing everything. Adequate knowledge is quintessential for a correct decision. And a correct decision is all that is expected at the termination of this teenage. This knowledge can only bless you if you observe. Just envision if you hadn’t seen the upsides of different professions and simply concluded that you want to become an engineer. 10 years hence probably you might have found out more convincing upsides of being a proprietor or being a cricketer. You might have repented and I bet that! If you don’t know what is what, then how can you even try to infer what is good or bad. Comparison needs information, information can come only in puberty, puberty helps you keep your eyes wide open, open is what gives you exposure, exposure casts a influence on your thinking, thinking tells you what you want to become, become someone is what life is all about, about all this, this starts with comparison!

Think on, move on!

Huff! Too long a sentence as always!

That VIT – very important THING was my HEART, THE INNER ME! Just be patient, it’ll NEVER give you answers for sure, but it’ll give you MEANS to find them. Catch them if you can Buddy!

That’s me -!-!-!-

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92 thoughts on “It’s more about being observant!

  1. Love the post although not inclined to agree with everything. You were someone the day you were conceived. Whether or not you are famous is an entirely different subject. You are valued beginning at birth because God valued you to bring you into this world. You keep being observant and you will be blessed in every stage, 20’s, 30’s, etc. You will learn new things at every stage. Keep sharing…

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  2. You are definitely one switched on teenager, however, we constantly learn throughout life and it is very obtuse to think observations cannot be made in your 29s,30s,40s etc. Your feedback to Kevin was perhaps accurate from your ‘perspective’ However let me just add that to awaken at 45 and change who you are and apply your observations & conclusions to a path be it career or otherwise ( which you have gathered over that 45 years) is a massive achievement & is done often these days. It is never too late to begin a journey. The older the individual the more experience, thus wisdom, he has in fact attained to perhaps make a better choice than when he was a teenager. You follow your parents dreams often as a teen, hormones and can sometimes be over ambitious, driven by dreams, fame and fortune. So although yes you are observant as a teen, how observant do you think you will be 20 years from now when you are this observant now ?
    Just enjoy each moment for what it is Xx

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  3. It is not so much about our aspirations … it is about the qualities in life we treasure.

    It’s about having enough to provide for our lifestyle and our family.
    It’s about being self confident and ambitious like the businessman, proud of what he had achieved.
    It’s about selflessly giving of our selves, like the city engineer, toiling yet not expecting any from those around him, who’s lives he improves.

    Don’t stop dreaming, yet don’t strive to be but one thing. The ‘human condition’ is a syndrome, a collection of truths, talents and aspirations.

    The wise man never stops learning and life never stops teaching …

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  4. I think being observant leads to a “big picture.” In this big picture we see what we want and what we have to work with in our current circumstances, and it leads us to either a) blow life as we have it wide open, we feel, or b) keep observing until we see a direction and/or opportunity to take off on. Right now I’m waiting and observing and feeling completely stir-crazy, but my dreams are coming true, I pray. Thank you, I needed this, VERY thought-inspiring

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      1. Had to steal time to reply, on my way to church: If you have no other feedback, know that you have helped one benefit themselves, and that is ME. I was beating the crap out of myself, feeling that I needed to make a move, but WHERE? was my question? I saw this and realized I was on the right track-MY door just didn’t look like everybody else’s I envied. But it’s the door I was looking for, and you gave me validation that I was making a step just by going through, if it’s what I saw, hon. Thank you!

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      2. The impact of directing a lost soul to hope SHOULD leave you speechless. But it should hopefully lead you to accepting the heartfelt gratitude that I feel, as well; to not do so would be an insult. Did you not blog in this very hope? that you could help someone like me? Please accept this gesture of goodwill, and be blessed. Have you heard of the Leibster Award?

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  5. Yes, the great thing about being your age is that the world is open to you! I hate when young people are forced into deciding their fate so young. Don’t do it! Just take it all in and try thing that make your heart beat faster!

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  6. You are sharing interesting thoughts! It seems much as I was, as a teenager. Do keep faith in the process, the clarity will come bit by bot. As you said, to observe and contemplate and also engage in life with heart and mind open provide plenty of information. The secret is, this never ends for human beings, here or elsewhere. At 20 or 30 or 40 or becoming an elder such as myself–learning and exploration and creative work are never done. Thank goodness! Change is our choice each day. Even work changes can happen in later chapters of life. Carry on with your postsand living–I enjoy your optimism!

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  7. Another master writing piece my friend
    Would Just like to say or rather ask actually why do u feel that we can be observant only in our adolescence? Even during your maturity years we can still observe we can still learn? Na?

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    1. Yes you can observe in other years of life as well. But what would that observation lead to suppose at an age of 45.
      Hypothetically, your dad finds employment a very easy and tension free activity as compared to a business at sat 45. He observes such a thing at 45 when he has set up his business striving for 20years. So tell now at this stage, where does the observation help him?
      He wont close down his business at 45 and search for a fresher’s job! Will he? No.
      So, you can only act upon your observations when you’re a teenager. Bcoz greater part of life is ahead of you! And you can shape it!

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      1. Enjoyed the post, but I think that when you reach 45 you will have a different perspective. I’m going through my second adolescence now, at 45, with a lot more experience and I’m able to navigate with less mistakes to slow me down. You are never too old, friend! …excited to see where you go with all of the time you have, though!

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    2. #kevin,our puberty period provides us with sort of an integrated and corrupt-free perspective which enhances our secret desire to make it to our personal achievement with no rely to the alternatives ‘everybody turns to’

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