The Rakhi joke – we all made.

IMG-20160821-WA0017 (1)18th August was the day when all brothers woke up with a start to find out a new emotion kindling within them – THE SISTER LOVE😂

Seriously, just one day I must say. No idea from where they emanate, but they prevail religiously for those 24 hours. Congratulations to all brothers to be able to evince that unprecedented feeling😂.

Yes, it was rakshabandhan. Too famous a festival to go unnoticed in a city like Mumbai, where even at 1 o’clock in the night commuters were stranded in traffic jams due to too many brothers heading back home.😂

That still counts as a part of my sarcasm moreover jests, but what I’m about to say now doesn’t. This is something grave.

As all other ere years, I’ve been tacitly observing the developments and mutations in the way of celebrating this festival.

Many things evolved, faded and transmogrified. Earlier it was protection to the sister that a brother was reminded of. Tying a rakhi was symbolic, historic and meaningful. But today, as for me, some things have changed radically but not for the good.

Observations, I’ve made. Conclusions, I never draw. I leave it to you🙌
Here’s what it is- the big bang observation.

I see so many different girls tying rakhis to so many different guys and then I’m left brooding, does she have so many different brothers?!

Or is it as good as friendship day? Tying bands to as many people as possible. 

If not, then how’s it possible for a girl to have so many different brothers?

Does she need so much protection?

Is she …a… what? She ain’t a army women who needs so much protection. Then who the hell is she? And what’s the need of having copious LISTS of brothers?

What good does it do?

Why is it that they can’t stay happy with real siblings, but rather demand so frantically, ARTIFICIAL and CHOSEN CAREFULLY (BETTER DESCRIBED AS HANDPICKED) brothers? And not just ONE brother but myriad, and in worst cases uncountable (to me).

Why? Why? Why?

Have they lost it? Are they out of their mind?

Yes (for me).

No (for them @dear girls who have so many brothers)

I’ll explain why i replied in the affirmative.

Nowadays, every girl wants to be Deepika Padukone. Not literally.

What Deepika Padukone is for India, they want to be for Borivali.

What Sunny Leone is for India, they want to be for Kandivali.

What Rakhi Sawant is for India, they want to be for Jogeshwari.

And in the process, they end up being nothing in India, nor in Borivali or Kandivali or Jogeshwari,

because far ahead are the girls who want to be

Sudha Murthy for India,

Chanda Kochar for India and

Priyanka Chopra for India.

This rakhi n all, today, for many, is no more than a publicity stunt, where number of brothers is directly proportional to increase in popularity.

Although nobody has proved the formula, yet everyone follows, proudly asserting that it’s not something you learn in class. I mean LOL. I better learn better things outside the class than this.

The essence of the festival is thus eroded, annihilated and ruined due to these malpractices and yes we are responsible for it.Really disconcerting it is, i must say.

Wake up boys and girls. If this sab mere bhai-behen system prevails, (please don’t cite the pledge, which you don’t give a damn about, here. Every Indian is my brother and sister.) generations to come, won’t know who friends are. Every guy will be a brother and every girl a sister.

There will be no difference between friendship day and rakshabandhan, except for the name.

Lastly, you can deduce your own conclusions. One more thing, those who really MEAN it, when they chose a boy as a brother, prove it by your actions. Because it’s high time now!

PS – wherever I’ve said girls finding brothers, female readers please change it to boys finding sisters.
All my observations are for teens of this country. I mean no offence to elders, children and the festival.

That’s me -!-!-!-


(Instagram : Akshay_kda

twitter : @akshay_kda)


6 thoughts on “The Rakhi joke – we all made.

  1. Hahaha , I found your post quiet humorous. In my religion we don’t celebrate this marvelous festival , which I’m sure the boys dislike , hahaha . The reason ehy is because we , punjabis, well some of us, believe that a young woman must not be dependent on her brothers because she can take care of herself . Anyway, your post is pretty lit

    Liked by 1 person

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