Muskaan😍 – Diwali special!


Team CASCADE at Sneha sadan.


27th October, 2016,


Everybody seemed travelling distances, probably having their own plans for Diwali, however, we, the CASCADE CLUB OF HR COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND ECONOMICS decided to visit some orphanages and do our good turn to the society. We visited “Sneha Sadan Home” and “St.Catherine’s House” located in Jogeshwari, nested unobtrusively in the heart of the city. The visit comprised of about twenty-five club members, our incharge teacher -Mrs.Rashmi Archarekar ma’am and the Vice-Principal of Junior College – Mrs.Dipika Bhatia ma’am.

Project Muskaan commenced with the visit to Sneha Sadan home in the afternoon, where we hauled a myriad donations elatedly. Our advent led us to sister Benzy, who briefed us about the HOME (I won’t say orphanage), and guided our way to the most-awaited SUPERSTARS. Notably, she also broached the subject of crimes taking place around the globe and facilitated with some help line numbers. The children, our SUPERSTARS, seemed jubilant, exuberant and even perplexed when they saw visitors donned in CASCADE t-shirts, for a change.

Our event started off with an interactive session with the children, ensued by ‘the cascade musical performance’ for which every spectator applauded incessantly. Our singers with the superstars, sang Bollywood songs to the tune of melodious guitars played by consummate guitarists. An exhilarating ‘cascade dance performance’ by the dance crew led the program forward and left one and all awe struck, popping in their seats. Our Vice-Principal ma’am benignly proffered scrumptious chocolate cupcakes prepared for the children. Their eyes acknowledged the munificence while they looked viscerally ecstatic and were in a high glee. That’s all we wanted and it’s manifestation was all that mattered.

We gave the little cute children a bear hug, and wended our way back, not home, but towards another good deed – St. Catherine’s house. Racing there, reaching there, we were welcomed by the caretaker, who briefed us about the lifestyle of the children and certain protocols. St.Catherine’s had above three hundred inhabitants, accommodating infants, teenagers, adults and also unwed mothers. We saw an eclectic collection of precocious kids, who possessed just too many talents to unveil in our brief visit.

We were touched when we saw the teenagers dealing with the toddlers as their siblings and playing around merrily. All the kids were spiritedly eager to meet the club members, as if they’d seen their kinsmen after an interminably long time, but certain norms are just to be. So, their spirits were unattended. Their innocent faces left us moved and dumbstruck, our feelings ill-concealed, I must say. We strolled through the establishment with sister cum caretaker explaining succinctly whatever we beheld

Walking time
At St. Catherine’s house

We learnt that to do charity one should be a willing horse.

 It is rightly said, ”Charity sees the need not the cause.”

That was one unforgettable trip, a rash of sightings emblazoned in our memories. The feelings and emotions still alive, undefiled and quartz clear.

That was about project Muskaan – an attempt to spread smiles- now successful!

by student reporter Akshay Kedia (President), Drishti Bajaj (Cultural head)


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