Future unfolds-
The sun was shining bright, overhead,

Everbody waiting for the hotness to descend.

It was too far from her but still bright

Bestowing on all, the same light.

Her mind didn’t accept the hot sun,

Something was on her mind, something undone.

She was brooding over a passel of thoughts,

Nobody to answer her if’s and what’s.

Rather she would not share it with a person, 

Even close ones, foreseeing it as another repercussion.
The only thing that pricks her all time,

Now had been like the taste of lime.
‘Decide your career’ all of them ordered,

‘Give me sometime’ she fumblingly stuttered.
Understanding the fact, it’s high time now.

But she wanted a profession that doesn’t let her bow.
‘A son is the bread winner for a family’, they said.

Oh hello! I will change this fact, she bet.
Not because I don’t have a brother,

But because I’m no other, less than a brother.

‘You can only contribute to your family!’ they exclaimed.

The statement hurt her and worsened pain.
“Does the family need to have a son compulsorily?” was her question,

She thought out loud, as that couldn’t be kept in suppression.
“Don’t the parents have the right to ask for a daughter’s salary?” thereby stood her aggression.

“Be it any gender, for parent’s both shall stand same” was her innocent suggestion.
I don’t say all of this because I am a daughter,

Trust me, this is a mental slaughter, no one taught her.

I bet, India’s daughters can do the same as any son could,

Society, you need to grow, atleast one of y’all should.
Don’t just increase our population, embrace new ideas.

Not in few fields but broaden in all areas.
(A social message to the Indian society. I did not intend to offend anyone’s feelings. The message shall not be misconveyed.)
~Drishti Bajaj

(Edit by Akshay_kda)

That’s me -!-!-!-



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